Rai is an Illustrator, Writer, Gamer, Tea-drinker, Dog Lover, and Cartoon/Animation Enthusiast. Their passion for fantastical fiction knows no bounds.


Hey there! My name’s Rai.

I’m an illustrator and avid storyteller who specializes in character design/character-centric illustration, world-building, and book/story illustration. I especially love working with mythology, medieval times, and fantasy-adventure.

Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to write and illustrate stories. Reading the tales of my favorite heroes allowed me to grow up in a world where I could follow any path they inspired me to go. Now I am here making my own work with the goal to give the same opportunity to my audience—you!

My work tells a narrative through fantastical scenes and characters, along with the worlds they inhabit. Working with mythology, medieval times, and fantasy gives me the chance to break boundaries. It allows me to present my audience a new, exciting world inspired by a history that they are so familiar with, while inviting them on new adventures. Through writing and illustration, I aim to connect people to my characters and envelop them in stories and places they have never seen before. I aim to encourage people to learn things about themselves and to open their minds through my art and fiction.

Creative Writing

My illustrations are meant to tell stories, and I often picture them accompanied by written narratives. While I expand my artistic journey into the creative writing field, I will slowly build up my own writing portfolio. Below are short samples of some of the writing that I have done thus far, which may function as samples for those of you who are interested in adding a short story to your illustrated commission!

Excerpt from Inktober 2018, an illustrated zine by Rai Fiondella

...Askel continues quietly. “The scouts were equally my responsibility. I forgot to check my targets’ pulses as well. That could have been you, with a knife in your leg.”

Faramond remembers the adrenaline that warmed his veins as his arrows hit home into the soldiers’ hearts, remembers the way Askel breathlessly exhaled beside him when his arrows pierced, so close to Faramond that he felt its warmth blanket the base of his neck. It felt as though they had become one, feeling the rush vicariously through one other as they struck them down, one by one. He was dizzy with it, the sensation, goose bumps prickling wildly down his back. He didn’t check the soldiers’ pulses, having been deafened by his own in his ears. He wonders, fleetingly, if Askel had also been distracted by it all, back at the camp.

Askel swallows. His eyelashes are thick, fanned slightly lower, as he looks, ever still, at Faramond, and his wordless mouth. The ranger opens his mouth, closes it. Opens it again.

“Yes,” he chokes out, flushing darkly at the way it sounds, rushed, just a note too loud. Askel’s eyes rise from Faramond’s lips, and Faramond notices his pupils have grown wide...

Excerpt from For The Most Part, a Guild Wars 2 fanfiction by Rai Fiondella

...He’d noticed a gleam by the lamplight, of silver, ruby, and gold, and wonder pushed his apprehension aside. When he comes up to it, he sees a wooden jewelry box upon a short table, extravagantly engraved with traditional dragon designs; and more importantly, left wide open, a key left sticking out of the upper lock. Francis must have checked it out of his suspicions, and in his drunkenness, forgot to secure it shut. The empty stein next to it, which still smelled of mead, confirms so. “Askel, come here!”

“Has this mission driven you mad? The first rule of robbery is not to overstay your welcome!”

“There are gems upon gems in here, we can’t just pass this up!” Ryul’s own boldness astounds him as he takes a handful of jewels and stuffs them into his cloak pockets with shaking fingers.

Askel hisses in frustration, looking from the tent flaps to his naïve partner, mulling over his options. It doesn’t take five seconds for him to join at Ryul’s side, his own pockets soon heavy with gems—he would never abandon temptations like this. “There is no way you can justify this crime like you did with the potionry,” he says breathlessly. “By the minute, you’re looking less and less to me like the goody-two-shoes aristocrat I’d initially met.”

The reprimand sounded more to Ryul like praise, which he decides he likes, but doesn’t dwell on why. “Actually, gemstones are said to have magical properties,” he explains. “He probably left them here with plans to enchant the jars in our bags, or to drop them into the potions after fermenting.”

“Sounds like grub shit.”

Ryul smiles knowingly, stepping back from the box. His pockets were full. “Yeah, it does.”

Askel grins back. “What a scam.” ...

Excerpt from Housebroken, a Guild Wars 2 fanfiction by Rai Fiondella

...And there it was: the dagger from prophecy, half-stabbed in solidified ashes, the blade once clutched in the fist of Lucius Bloodthorn himself.

Askel knew that there was not much time to ponder the dagger's existence, believed only weeks before to be myth, a fable uttered under the breaths of the superstitious. The enemy would soon close in on the caves behind him, and he would be damned to let the journey end with the blade in their hands.

As he stepped towards its handle, imbedded in the hardened magma, Askel heard whispers in the dark:

He’s come.
He’s come.

The words seethed through his ears like nails scratching glass. It stopped him in his tracks and made him wince, made him stumble back.


He shook the ringing from his head, willed his heartbeat to slow. He took another step, brow furrowed, jaw stiff.

...He will…

Pebbles rolled under his feet and echoed as loud as the voices had come, startlingly near, like ghosts curling around his neck.

…Kill you.

It was before him, now. Despite how the starving blackness of the caves seeked to swallow every hint of light, the dagger’s blade seemed to glow, though dimly, like the cooling coals of a flame about to go out.

The voices silenced all at once. It was jarring, like the way it feels to suddenly awaken after falling in your dreams. The handle, which stuck out from the wall in front of him, was only a breath away from reach. Askel didn’t remember getting that close.

With his night vision, he barely made out the faint layer of dust which stained its handle-cloth black. Without a doubt, this dagger had not been touched for a long time...

Excerpt from Bloodthorn, a writing exercise by Rai Fiondella

Freelance/Commission Info

With that said, I am still taking inquiries, and may be able to help you with your project depending on the scale of work. Please feel free to contact me at raifiondella@gmail.com and I can see what I can do for you.

I am currently available for hire to create illustrations for your projects, big or small. I specialize in character design/character-centric illustration, world-building, and book/story illustration. Let me help you bring your visions to life!


Below, you will find my base prices for commissions, such as for drawings of your original character(s), fanart, Twitch emotes, icons, and the like. For full illustrations and other large-scale projects (i.e. making work with detailed backgrounds, creating multiple book illustrations, character concepts, etc.), please email me, and I will give you a price quote!

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All payments are requested through PayPal invoices, in USD!

My goal is to make a fair trade with you. If you are on a tight budget, let me know, and I am happy to work out a price with you!

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I look forward to working with you!



Contact me through email (raifiondella@gmail.com) if you would like to hire me for illustration work or for more information.

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